The First Blog!

The First Blog!

Hey there!

Welcome to The Bee’s Knees Blog!
My first post here will just kind of serve as an introduction to get things started, but I’ve got some plans for interviews and shop news in the future.

As a small business owner and an entrepreneur, I believe it’s important to continue learning and soaking up knowledge as often as possible, so I want this blog to serve as more of a method of documenting my process, more than an self-promotional block of text every now and then that just isn’t interesting to anyone.

Advice comes at me in all shapes and sizes from all kinds of different people, and I like to take the time to highlight those folks as much as possible and share their wisdom with the world. Since my formal education came to a close, I’ve learned that I can get so much more valuable information by just building strong relationships with other successful people, asking questions, and paying close attention to what makes other entrepreneurs tick, so that’s what I’ll be doing with the blog.

I hope that if you’re reading this, whether you’re a potential client or an entrepreneur yourself, you’ll gain some valuable insight into the screen printing business, and small business ownership as a whole, and I look forward to having you along for the ride!

Thanks for stopping by!
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